British Limb Reconstruction Society Annual Scientific Meeting

The BLRS 2021 meeting will now be an E-CONFERENCE because of limitations resultant from COVID 19.

The content will remain the same, but will be accessible on line, and the symposia will have live webinar question and answer sessions. You can still present your research findings and have them published in BJJ proceedings.




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Conference Themes

Mass Casualties

Mass Casualties

3D Printing

3D Printing

Knee Osteotomies

Knee Osteotomies

Paediatric Foot

Paediatric Foot

What you can expect at the BLRS

  • We hope to give you a broad programme with something for everyone who attends the BLRS, whether AHP, trainee, new consultant or established consultant

    Amer Shoaib
    Conference Co-convener
  • We feel priviledged to have a really experienced and authorative faculty to share their knowledge with us at the BLRS.

    Farhan Ali
    Conference Co-Convener
  • Manchester is a great place for a conference. It’s well connected for national and international transport and has amazing facilities locally. I’m really looking forward to the conference dinner in the stunning Whitworth Hall.

    Haris Naseem
    Conference Co-Convenor
  • Limb Recon isn’t just frames, although that is a lot of what we do. We want to show how other modalities can help our patients. We have a great faculty to do this.

    aiman khunda
    Aiman Khunda
    Conference Co-Convener
  • I would like to welcome my AHP colleagues to Manchester. I am excited that we can all share our experiences and knowledge in our great city.

    Rex Turita
    Limb Reconstruction Specialist Nurse and Co-Convener
  • Although I am a paedopod , there is so much in this programme that I am looking forward to. There have been some amazing advances in limb recon, and I want to see how my patients can benefit.

    Mohamed Kenawey
    Conference Co-Convener
  • I put patients and their families at the centre of my clinical practice, and in this conference, I think we can share learning from their experiences under our care.

    Ruth Farrell
    Limb Reconstruction Specialist Nurse and Co-convener


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